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DRB-HICOM University is situated on a 42 acre campus located in Pekan, Pahang. Students will experience modern facilities complete with comfortable classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and workshops for hands-on practical training.

Students will also have access to a wealth of information through the internet using our free Wi-Fi facilities. Modern computer laboratories and well-equipped resource centres will enhance the student learning process. These modern facilities will provide many advantages for students, particularly those involved with research. The resource centre itself is furnished with a wide range of business and engineering books and references.

Campus Facilities

a 01 Chancellery Hall active

Chancellery Hall

a 02 University Village (Accommodation)

University Village

a 03 Commercial Area

Commercial Area

a 04 Lecturer Theatre

Lecture Theatre

a 05 Computer Club

Computer Club

a 06 Surau


a 07 Resource Centre

Resource Centre

Administrative Building Student Activity Centre (MENSA)

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Faculty of Business and Management

Language Lab

IT Lab

Wi-Fi Services

Teaching & Learning Facilities

b 01 Teaching Robot active

Teaching Robot

b 02 Spot Welding Robots active

Spot Welding Robots

b 03 Inspection Jig for Panel Assembly Backbone active

Inspection Jig for
Panel Assembly Backbone

b 04 Undercarriage Inspection Pit Brake active

Undercarriage Inspection
Pit Brake

b 05 Suspension Tester active

Suspension Tester

b 06 CATIA Lab active


Paint Booth

Racking System

Kitting Supply System

Vehicle Test Track



AVIS) (150x41)

Student car rental is provided by Avis Rent A Car. DRB-HICOM EZ-Drive Sdn Bhd operates as the licensee of Avis Rent A Car, and is a member of DRB-HICOM Group