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Where is DHU located?

DHU is located in Pekan, which is approximately 40 km south of Kuantan.

Kompleks Automotif DRB-HICOM,Lot 1449, PT 2204,
Kawasan Perindustrian Peramu Jaya,
26607 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.

How do I get there?
By car
From Kuantan:
Pekan is accessible by three routes:
– Tanjung Lumpur Highway
– Jalan Pekan,
– through Gambang via the Tun Razak HighwayFrom Kuala Lumpur:
Pekan is via East Coast Expressway, exiting at the Gambang Interchange to the Tun Razak HighwayFrom Johor:
A scenic coastal roads passes through Kuala RompinTo help navigation to Pekan a Google map can be found on the Contact pagePublic transport from Kuantan
RAPID bus services, bus no. 400, run from “Hentian Bandar” at Kuantan bus station (located near to Kuantan wet market) to Pekan. Alight at “Hentian DRB-Hicom”. Fare for the one-way trip is RM4.00. There are frequent buses services to and from from the Kuantan bus station to the DHU campus.Cab:
Fare for a trip from Kuantan town to Pekan is RM60.00.
How do I apply?
DHU has a simple 3 step application process:
STEP 1, Submit application
STEP 2, Offer of admission
STEP 3, Register at DHU
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I have received a conditional offer. What does this mean?

A conditional offer enables you to study at DHU if you meet certain conditions. In some cases, your offer may be conditional on achieving a certain grade in a subject or a specific language requirement score.

If you receive a conditional offer for a course, you will be sent a letter of acceptance and an offer acceptance form. You will need to return the form along with the documents required by the deadline on the letter. Once you have returned your documents to prove that you have met the conditions, you will be sent an unconditional offer.

When is the application deadline?
There are 3 intakes each year – February, June, September.
Student fees

Fees are specific to individual programmes. Details are found within the section called Programmes.

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How may intakes are there and when are the intakes?
There are 3 intakes each year – February, June, September.
Financial assistance

Students may choose to obtain funds from the following sources;

Bonding Scholarship
Privileged Scholarship
Zakat Scholarship
Top Achievers’ Award
DRB-HICOM Education Loan
Bank Rakyat – Education Financing (I FALAH)
Bank Muamalat Education Financing Scheme;
Employee Provident Fund (EPF/KWSP) withdrawal Scheme
Social Security Organization (SOCSO/PERKESO) Withdrawal Scheme

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How are tuition fees paid?

By accepting DHU’s offer of admission and enrolling in classes, students accept responsibility for paying all fees to the University for which they are liable, including tuition fees.

While the University acknowledges parents’ financial support, payment is the responsibility of the student. Students may authorise parents or others to access their DHU account and make payments on their behalf through appropriate available channels.

Parents can also contact the Bursary Department at 09-424 2468 with questions about the University bill. However, information specific to a student account is only discussed with individuals authorised by the student to receive such information.

Financial Aid
DHU has one of the strongest financial assistance programmes. These financial assistance programmes are need-based, meaning that all aid eligibility is determined by a family’s financial circumstances. While you and your students have the primary responsibility for paying for University, financial assistance can bridge the gap between the total costs and the ability to pay.

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Useful contacts
Hotline: 1-300-88-4226
Tel: 09-4242 400
Bursary Department: 09-424 2468
Fax: 09-4242 500
Email: enquiry@dhu.edu.my

Living in Pekan is relatively affordable. Students are encouraged to shop around for rental on rooms and houses as costs vary according to location and demand.

DHU also provides accommodation for students at the university village, which is situated approximately 0.5 km away from the campus.

The university accommodation fee covers the rental of room, bed and furnishings together with the monthly water and electricity bill.

Rooms are limited in number and hostel accommodation is subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis. There are 853 students per block.
Hostel Fees must be paid every semester within 1 month after commencement of class.
Total students per block = 853
A minimum of RM150 in hostel fee is required upon registration. Details regarding the hostel fees, please click www.dhu.edu.my/engineering_programme_fee_structure.php
University Hostel administration 017-211 0291

What are the facilities available at DHU

DRB-HICOM University is situated on a 42 acre campus located in Pekan, Pahang. Students will experience modern facilities complete with comfortable classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and workshops for hands-on practical training.

Students will also have access to a wealth of information through the internet using our free Wi-Fi facilities. Modern computer laboratories and well-equipped resource centres will enhance the student learning process. These modern facilities will provide many advantages for students, particularly those involved with research. The resource centre itself is furnished with a wide range of business and engineering books and reference materials.

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Can I visit the University?

Yes, you can. We welcome visitors every day (except national/state public holidays when the campus is closed.)

You are most welcome to come to one of our Open Days, or on SPM School Leavers Outreach program, or visit on any day that suits you. Admission to the DHU is free to any prospective applicant and their family.

Visitors can book a meeting with our course counsellor from our Marketing Department prior to arriving.

The best way to see DHU or other members of the University community is to come to one of our Open Days.

Please call one of our friendly course counsellors from the Marketing Department. They can be reach through;

Hotline: 1-300-88-4226
Telephone: +609 4242 400
Fax: +609 4242 500

Email: enquiries@dhu.edu.my
Website: www.dhu.edu.my

DHU student health care and welfare
While it is hoped that your time at DHU will be an untroubled one, there may be occasions when you need additional help and support.
The University will also play a very important role and can offer support through your tutor, the Senior Tutor and student welfare offices. Consult your University’s SAAD (Student Affairs Department and Registrar Department) for further information.
If you would like further information, or are unsure of the best source of support, feel free to visit the SAAD. You can also email the SAAD Welfare Officer at teoh@dhu.edu.my.
SAAD Help Line: 09-424 2620
What are the advantages of studying in DHU?

DHU is owned by DRB-HICOM, one of the largest integrated automotive corporations in Malaysia.

DRB-HICOM has a wealth of experience in automotive industry.

DRB-HICOM is well linked with world renowned brand names in the automotive industries.

DRB-HICOM provides opportunities for its graduates to work within the group’s companies.

DRB-HICOM provides a wide choice of placements for practical sessions and internships.

DHU is located in the DRB-HICOM Automotive Hub, hence it utilises the advantage of the surrounding automotive manufacturing and assembling factories as its learning facilities.

Employability and careers

The programmes offered are specially aligned with the activities of respective operating companies within the DRB-HICOM group of companies.

The university can assist students in applying directly to the various operating companies.

International student applicants
Enquiry for entrance requirements for an international student can be found at; www.easyuni.com/en/malaysia/institution/11421/international-university-of-automotive-dhu/.
If you are in any doubt and want to check the suitability of your qualifications, you should contact the DHU Admissions Office, enclosing brief details of achieved/expected grades and indicate clearly the subject that you are intending to study.
It is essential that your English language skills are good enough for you to undertake an intensive and challenging academic course that is taught and examined in English. If your first language isn’t English, you may be asked to attend an English language class.
Emergency Telephone Numbers

Student Affairs Department and Registrar Department (SAAD): 09-424 2620

Police: 09-422 1222
DHU Auxiliary Police: 09-424 2455
Nearest clinic is Dr. Halim & Nor: 09-426 0026.

Why should I attend an information session?
At DHU, our information session is meant to help you understand how DHU is distinctive from the many other universities, not to simply review facts and figures. Through student and faculty stories, we hope to offer you a better sense of DHU’s “personality.” We want you to leave with a sense of this institutional identity, as well as an understanding of what we have to offer, how our application process works and how you may fit into our community. The campus tour complements the information session nicely, so scheduling a tour along with this session will offer a complete and well-rounded introduction to DHU.
A campus tour is also a great way for you to interact with our students. Led by a member of our Student Affair Department, tours offer an opportunity to capture and understand the energy of DHU through the eyes of students who are living the DHU experience. A tour will also better demonstrate the ways in which the physical campus and facilities reflect our useful and engaged approach to teaching. Scheduling an information session with your tour will provide a full introduction to DHU.
To schedule your visit, call the marketing office at Hotline: 1-300-88-4226 or telephone: +609 4242 400.
Programmes conducted
The module and teaching materials will be in English. However, the University understands that not all of DHU’s potential students are proficient in English. Therefore, for the 1st year, the programmes will be conducted in both Malay and English.
On-the-job training
Students will be provided with on-the-job training within the DRB-HICOM’s group of companies. The training will be specifically aligned to the programme taken by the student.
Registered with MQA and MOHE
DHU has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Quality Agency (MQA).
Shuttle or feeder bus
DHU provides shuttle busses for the students to travel from their hostels to the campus and to travel around the campus.
Age limit to enrol
We have not set any age limit to enrol but most candidates are in their early twenties. This is partly driven by education financial assistance, which targets this age group.
Normal class day
The normal class day is from Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.00pm.